Archery Victoria

2019 Victorian State Teams – Indoors

The Board of Archery Victoria would like to thank all the archers who nominated for State Team selection for the 2019 National Indoor Championships.   The numbers of nominations were high and the competition quite fierce.   It has been fantastic to see so many wishing to represent our State at these championships.

Archery Victoria is pleased to announce the following teams for the championships:


Marcel Verstegen, Adam Bielby, Paul Eagle, Marcus Annear


James Gaze, Markus Kuhrau, Dawn Nelson-Furnell, Daniel Bray


Hugo Lobb, Nigel Welland, Thorin Quinn


Finn Tobin (Cub), Jai Crawley (Inter), Amelie Lu (Cadet), Zachary Tonizzo (U20)

archers shooting up due to higher ranked in age division, or in another team


Jackson Hurley (Cub), Myfanwy Howden (Inter), Lauren Verstegen (Cadet), Harri Howden (U20)

archers skipped due to higher ranked in age division, or in another team


Stephen Olay, Brendan Young, Sheryn Licht


Congratulations to you all.

Please note that, as per AA guidelines for the youth teams, we are required to select an archer in each of the age divisions – cub, intermediate, cadet and 20 and under.   There can only be one archer in each of the divisions.

Should anyone have any questions in relation to the selection process please contact the Chair of the State Team Selection Committee – Brendan Jones 0417 386 100.

We are grateful to the Organisations below for their ongoing support of Archery in Victoria.

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