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Archery Judges & QRE Officials

Victorian Judges and QRE Officials

At present Victoria has the largest number of Judges and QRE Officials of all RGBs (Regional Governing Body) Nationally.

Their role is to oversee the running of events to ensure their eligibility to be recorded as an accepted World, National, or State event.

They are required to uphold, administer, and apply the appropriate Rules and Regulations at all levels of competition throughout Victoria and Australia, with some Judges moving up into the World Archery levels via the Continental and International pathways available.

At present the following people are accredited with World Archery, Archery Australia, and Archery Victoria to fulfil this vital and important role.


*International Judges:  
SW Suzanne Womersley
*Continental Judges:  
SW Suzanne Womersley
*National Judges:  
AA Anastasia Anagnostou
PC Peter Cave
CC Chi Cheung
BF Brian Fitton
FF Fergus Forsyth
AH Alan Howell
SJ Steve Jacobs
GL Guenter Licht
SL Sheryn Licht
LL Liam Lyons
TL  Terry Lyons 
AM Alex Moulder
JM Jack Myers
DN-F Dawn Nelson-Furnell
PN-F Peter Nelson-Furnell
DP-C Deb Popov – Conroy
DT Debbie Tremelling
SW Suzanne Womersley
*National Judge Candidates:  
*QRE Officials:  
MA Marcus Annear
TA Tom Ashton
LB Lloyd Buckland
Nardo De Amicis
Paul Gardener
RG Ros Greig
Muhammad Haidar Abdul Rashid
AHU Anthony Hudson
BJ Brendan Jones
JL Janine Lyons
IN Irene Norman
David Partridge
AP Alec Potts
TR Tim Roberts
DS Damian Sinclair
WT Will Toop
David Waller
HW Helene Wilson


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