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As part of the ongoing evaluation of the organisational structure of Archery Victoria, there has been much discussion regarding the workloads involved in the running of a modern, competitive sporting organisation.

Various topics include – but are not limited to:

 – The merits of paid employees, 
 – The legislative requirements expected of a sporting organisation,
 – The financial and performance viability of a volunteer run organisation,
 – Current trends in society in relation to volunteering,
 – The need for diversity in thoughts and opinions which form strategic directions, and
 – The role of the Archery Victoria Board

It is clear that the workloads involved at both the strategic and operational levels of our organisation are high, and are growing exponentially as sporting organisations are being asked to meet the same or similar requirements for governance and performance as businesses.

More and more the relevant legislations – plus the expectations of our stakeholders – require us to have in place effective governance for aspects of our operations which may, in the past, have been felt to be unnecessary, however sporting organisations are not exempt from workplace safety requirements, harassment, discrimination and bullying legislation, child safety legislation, member protection requirements, etc., and are legally required to demonstrate compliance.

All of these create a significant impost on a very small number of volunteers, and it has been determined that we need to continue to diversify those involved in the work of the organisation, and to spread the workload. To this end it is clear that some changes need to be made to ensure our continued successful operation into the future.

We are already doing some of this with the use of officials within the organisation – e.g. State Badges Recorder, State Recorder, State Officials Co-ordinator, State Coaching Co-ordinator, Online Presence Manager and a number of others. We have also delved into committees and working groups with our State Team Selection Committee being a notable example.

Over the next 6 – 12 months, Archery Victoria, in line with our Rules of Association, will be putting in place a more inclusive organisation structure which will involve more members in important roles and sub-committees that will benefit from the more diverse and specialist input which comes from such a structure.

The backbone of the structure will be a series of sub-committees and officials who will provide input and recommendations to the Archery Victoria Board, which will continue to drive the Strategic Direction of the organisation. 

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from individuals in the following areas :

  Athlete Development Officer

  Sponsorship and Marketing Committee

  IT and Online Activity Committee

Refer to the relevant document for specific details.

Read the full document Rationale for changes to the Archery Victoria Inc. Organisational Structure 

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