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2018 National Archery Championships – State Team Manager applications are now open (closing date extended).

Archery Victoria is inviting applications from interested parties for the 2018 National Archery Championships State Team Manager role.

The Team Manager is responsible for managing all team functions for the Archery Victoria (AV) teams that are part of a National Championship.

The Team Manager shall be the communications link between the archers and the organising body of the National Championships.

The Team Manager role is a volunteer position.

This years NAC will be held at Twin City Archers Gippsland in Morwell from the 3rd to the 7th of November, 2018.

Accommodation and travel costs are covered, and a budget provided for all Team Management related expenses.

The Role Description is available via this link:

The Application Form is available via this link:

Applications will close soon.

Day to day activities will include communicating information from the Local Organising Committee and Judging Team, ensuring the Teams needs and access to first aid and hydration are met, and Team Member management.

The Team Manager will also be expected to provide support to all Victorian entrants at the event.

The Archery Victoria Board look forward to working closely with the successful applicant to ensure the success and enjoyment of all involved.

State Team & Honorary State Team for the 2018 NAC are now confirmed.

Archery Victoria thanks all candidates for nominating for the State or Honorary Teams at the 2018 National Archery Championships. The final team selection is :

Open State Team 2018

Womens Compound

Helene Wilson; Karina Cave

Womens Recurve

Dawn Nelson-Furnell; Janine Lyons; Debbie Tremelling; Ros Greig

Mens Compound

Adam Bielby; Shaun Hastie; Marcel Verstegen; Sam Breeden

Mens Recurve

Jason Butterworth; Dan Jansen; Ben Howell; Gerard Middendorp

Honorary State Team 2018

Womens Barebow

Debbie Tremelling; Ros Greig

Womens Longbow

Suzanne Hurley

Mens Barebow

Mike Matthews; Mark Slade

Mens Longbow

Guenter Licht; Reece Lyons



Indoor State Team 2018

Markus Kuhrau
Dan Jansen
Dawn Nelson-Furnell
James Gaze

Marcel Verstegen
Adam Bielby
Paul Eagle
Will Toop


Para State Team 2018

Paul Watt
Charles Leitao
Hazel Hockley
Paul Holmes

Luke Lyons-Clarkson
Kyle Lyons-Clarkson
Daniel Neale
Brendan Fox

Youth State Team 2018

Open State Team 2017

Womens Compound:

Vivienne Bennett; Karina Cave; Tamara Hastie; Tania Sacco

Womens Recurve:

Gerardine Middendorp; Dawn Nelson-Furnell; Leanne Strahan; Debbie Tremelling

Mens Compound:

Peter Bennett; Adam Bielby; Shaun Hastie; Damien Sinclair

Mens Recurve:

Jason Butterworth; Ben Howell; Gerard Middendorp; Alec Potts


Guenter Licht

Indoor State Team 2017 

1. 578.75 Alec Potts  Archers In Melbourne 
2. 570 Markus Kuhrau Diamond Valley Archers
3. 568 James Gaze   Moorabbin Archery Club
4. 556.75 Jacob Blackburn Frankston Archery Club
R. 556.5 Ben Howell Archers In Melbourne
1.  580 Marcel Verstegen Sherbrooke Archers
2. 578.5 Harri Howden Diamond Valley Archers
3. 577 Shaun Hastie Diamond Valley Archers
4. 576 Adam Bielby  Twin City Archers Gippsland
R. 576 Julian Howden Diamond Valley Archers

Para & VI State Team 2017

Compound Men:  Chris Doneman, Jesse Balshaw, Charles Leitao, and Paul Holmes

Recurve Men:  Kyle Lyons-Clarkson, & Daniel Neal

Compound Veteran Women:  Hazel Hockley


Youth State Team 2017

2017 Archer   Age Class Gender Bow Type  Ranking
1 Harri Howden Cadet M Compound 2070
2 Niamh Jones Cadet F Compound 2048
3 Caitlin Howden Intermediate F Compound 2006
4 Adrian Angus Cadet M Compound 2005
5 Devilliers Duvenage Junior M Compound 1959
6 Chris Vissariou Cadet M Compound 1952
7 Samuel Breeden Junior M Compound 1931
8 Augustus Anagnostou Intermediate M Compound 1923
9 Metatron David Intermediate M Compound 1879
10 Faith Hastie Intermediate F Compound 1877
1 Tian Mortimer Cub F Recurve 1870
2 Laura Paeglis Cadet F Recurve 1845
3 Arunav Chatterjee Cub M Recurve 1710
4 Annie Sanell Cadet F Recurve 1637
5 James Gaze Junior M Recurve 1605
6 Ben Howell Junior M Recurve 1565
7 Zachary Tonizzo Cadet M Recurve 1502
8 Denise Pilien Cadet F Recurve 1406
9 Markus Kuhrau Junior M Recurve 1389
10 Kyle Lyons-Clarkson Junior M Recurve 1146


Open State Team 2016

Indoor State Team 2016

Youth State Team 2016

Open State Team 2015

Indoor State Team 2015

Youth State Team 2015

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