Archery Victoria

Event Registration

All AV Tournaments and Qualifying Ranking Events (QRE’s) must be registered through AV and/or AA.

Some events will also require registration through World Archery (WA)

Clubs wishing to conduct events will need to select the button shown below for further information and links to the relevant documents required for this to occur.

When conducting events an Event Checklist must be completed by the National Judge or AA Official running the National Event.

These Event Checklists must then be emailed to using this form:  Event Verification Form

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All FULLY completed scorecards must be sent within 7 days to the AV Ranking List Submitter. Please send all Scoresheets to :

Archery Victoria
P.O. Box 288
Yarraville,  VIC 3013 

Scorecards are to be checked and certified against the Scores which have been entered by the club on Archers Diary  –  Only then will these Scores be accepted into the National Ranking List.

(Incomplete scorecards must be rejected).

It is not up to the AV RLS to chase scorecards. !!!

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Please check and ensure you are shooting the correct distance at your QRE’s.

If your Club is holding a QRE, please notify the AV RLS (via of the registered dates.

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