Archery Victoria

720 Grand Prix

This award recognises those archers who have performed at the highest standard in each of the registered 720 Grand Prix events for the year.

Points are awarded to each archer based on their ranking at each event, with the overall winner of the 720 Grand Prix having the most points in a combined total from these events.


  • The 720 Grand Prix shall be contested over several eligible events.
  • Medals awarded to 1st place only. In the event of a tie, multiple medals shall be awarded.
  • Archers must shoot in a minimum of 3 events to qualify.
  • Complete rules and details will be available in the Documents section in the future.

Points table:

 1st  25 points  6th  8 points
 2nd  18 points  7th  6 points
 3rd  15 points  8th  4 points
 4th  12 points  9th  2 points
 5th  10 points  10th  1 point






720 Grand Prix Results 2018:

Congratulations to the Archery Victoria 720 Grand Prix Champions for 2018.

Division Name Club Points
RCG Tara Smith FAC 75
RCB Jai Crawley FAC 125
RIB Ethan Ingram FAC 75
RCM Zac Tonizzo FAC 75
RW Leanne Strahan SA 100
RM Alec Potts PTAC 75
RMW Dawn Nelson-Furnell AA 100
RMM Paul Bowen SA 93
CCB Luke Couzner TCAG 68
CCM Caleb Barkway YDA 93
CM Adam Bielby TCAG 100
CMM Peter Bennett TCAG 75
BMW Debbie Tremelling AA 75
BVM Dominique Pouzet FAC 100

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