Archery Victoria

Pathways into Archery

Archery is a lifelong, family sport. 

Archery Victoria has a responsibility to help develop athletes through healthy means to enable participation and ongoing enjoyment of the sport.

We also recognise that there are many pathways within our Archery community.

There are those of us who strive to compete at the top levels of the sport, while others are in it to take care of physical and mental health, or simply to provide downtime from our busy lives.

Yet others follow our children along their pathway through the sport, and there are those who just want to be involved on a social and recreational level in a sport that has a timeless and historical continuity.

The Pathways Guide is a booklet for those wishing to learn more about what this sport offers, and how they can become involved in it.

This is a dynamic document and will be updated regularly. Any feedback is appreciated and can be emailed to

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