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National & State Rankings are derived from scores achieved at eligible events shot by archers.

Approved events can include Club, State, National, and International events and competitions.

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Simply select the relevant fields using the steps outlined below to display your desired information :

#   RGB  (either for National Results or via State), then the

#   State (if required), then the

#   Club  (if selecting at Club level)

#   Discipline  (for type of event), then the

#   Specific date (if required – default is current date), then the

#   Class  (if required for age group), then the

#   Gender (if required), and finally the

#   Division (Bow type shot)

Then select ‘View Rankings


*** PLEASE NOTE*** These rankings are used partially as a basis for State Team Selection purposes but are not solely utilised.

State Team Rankings are a compilation of multiple scores over a qualification period, and final results based on these calculations may differ to those seen in the Rankings table.

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