Archery Victoria

Member Protection

Member Protection   (PDF format)

0501   Code Of Conduct

0502   Member Protection Policy

0503   Formal Complaint Procedure

0504   Anti-Doping Policy

0505   Childsafe Policy  (new)

0506   Working With Children  (new)

0520   First Aid Policy

0521   Risk Management Policy

0523   Risk Analysis Examples

0524   Safety Policy

0531   Transgender Policy

0532   Social Media Policy  (new)

0533   Smoke Free Policy  (under review)

0534   Pregnancy Policy  (under review)

0535   Photography Policy  (under review)

0536   Conflict Of Interest Policy  (under review)

0537   Conditions Of Entry Policy  (under review)

0538   Alcohol Policy  (under review)

0539   Zero Tolerance Policy  (under review)

0543   Heat Stress Policy

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