Archery Victoria

2021 State Indoor Teams announced

Archery Victoria has announced that the State teams have been selected for the 2021 National Indoor Championships.

We would like to congratulate all of the successful archers, and to thank those who have tried out for the teams – the competition has been intense, and this has helped to ensure that we put forward our strongest team.

Our teams are:

  Youth Teams 
  Recurve   Compound
  Cub   Amelie Liu   Cub   Lucinda Parr
  Intermediate   Angela Zhang   Intermediate   Conrad Retshcko
  Cadet   Arunav Chatterjee   Cadet   Lachlan DiBattista
  Under 20   Zac Tonizzo   Under 20   Will Kambovski
  Open Teams 
  Recurve   Compound
  Jai Crawley   Harrie Howden
  Astin Darcy   Damien Sinclair
  Markus Kuhrau   Adam Bielby
  Katherine Watson   Helene Wilson
  Honorary Teams 
  Longbow   Barebow Recurve
  Stephen Olah   Hugo Lobb
  Mark Slade   Ross Gooding
  Brendan Young   Nardo De Amicis

We are grateful to the Organisations below for their ongoing support of Archery in Victoria.

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