Archery Victoria

2022 National & State Indoor Championships – State Team selection

The National and State Indoor Championships will be held on the weekend of 9 and 10 July 2022. 

Part of this event comprises competitions between athletes from Regional Governing Bodies around Australia (in our case Archery Victoria).  

Our teams have a very strong record in this annual event and once again this year we will be choosing teams to battle it out with our interstate colleagues.

The following team selection criteria will apply to the selection of our Archery Victoria Teams for the National Indoor Championships 2022:

  • * The Victorian Team selection period for the 2022 National Indoor Championship will run from 1/04/2022 to 5.00 pm 19/06/2022.
  • * Victorian RGB teams will be selected using their 3 best WA18m scores shot at registered tournaments and QREs during the selection period. Candidates will register and submit their scores to the web portal and the AV Selection panel will verify them using Archers Diary.  Details of the web portal will be advised shortly.
  • * To be eligible for selection a candidate must be a financial member of Archery Victoria for a minimum of the period that includes any selection scores they wish to be considered and throughout the National Indoor Championship (NIC) event. Further only archers who have entered the NIC by 5.00 pm 19/6/2022 (or any earlier entry closing date if Archery Australia applies one) will be considered candidates for selection.
  • * The teams that will be selected are set out below, note that this is based on the 2021 NIC manual as the 2022 NIC manual is not yet released on AA’s website.
  • * The teams and the process will be reviewed when the 2022 NIC manual is available and alterations may be required.

Victorian RGB Recurve team & Victorian RGB Compound team

  • * Will each comprise 4 members and will be mixed gender (i.e. they will contain at least one male and one female).
  • * They can be from any age division, however, a youth selection in these teams will exclude them from selection in an RGB Youth team.

Victorian RGB Youth Recurve team, and Victorian RGB Youth Compound team

  • * Four members per team and can be mixed gender and no specific number of females and males are required to form a team
  • * The combination in the team will be 1xCub, 1xIntermediate, 1xCadet, 1xU/20
  • * Selection in the RGB (Senior) Team excludes the archer from participating in the RGB Youth Team event
  • * Note that youth archers may be placed in a higher age division by the selection committee to maximise the potential for team success
  • * Each day of the NIC a selected archer will need to shoot in the age division they have been selected in for their first flight (in the instance where they are shooting in more than one flight per day).

Victorian (Honorary) Open Barebow Recurve team & Victorian (Honorary) Open Longbow team

  • * Each team will have 3 members with any mix of genders, entered in any age division.

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