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Operational & Strategic Roles within Archery Victoria

Over the last several months the Board of Archery Victoria has been reviewing our Strategic Objectives and how we do business.   As you know  Archery Victoria is a volunteer organisation – as are all positions within our 28 Member Clubs.   The Board of Archery Victoria takes on both the operational and strategic roles required to support the sport of Archery in Victoria.

With the growth in our sport and the ever increasing requirements from Government and stakeholders, the workload has grown exponentially over the last 10 years and the future growth and direction of the sport is being compromised by lack of human resources to run the sport.

Whilst it is not believed at the moment that Archery Victoria is in a position to have employed team members to help run the organisation, the workload needs to be distributed to stop burnout to members of the Board and allow the Board to put more focus on strategic directions.   It is also true that more minds need to be at work on the future of our organisation.

At our Board meeting on 26 May 2020, the AV Board agreed to a strategy involving the setting up of a number of sub-committees to the Board to assist with the workload and form a think tank for the future of our sport.   It will also allow greater input by clubs and athletes into the workings of Archery Victoria.

The Board already has in place a State Team Selection committee and it is proposed that this remain.   Archery Victoria has recently received funding over the next 3 years to improve the Governance and Reporting of Archery Victoria itself and Member Clubs.   A Project Grant is also in place to increase participation of Women and Girls in our sport (Shooting for the Stars).   The Project Grant requires the establishment of a working group to assist with design and implementation of this project.

The sub-committee structure may be supplemented by Working Groups for particular short term activities and projects.   Although the number and design of the sub-committees is still being worked on they are likely to include some or all of the following:

  • Finance and Risk Committee
  • Governance and Reporting Committee
  • Discipline and Grievance Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Inclusion Committee
  • Athlete Pathways Committee
  • Competition and Calendar Committee
  • Officials Committee
  • IT and Online Activity Committee
  • Marketing Committee

This is an ambitious piece of work but one which we believe will ensure the future sustainability of our organisation into the future and provide one avenue for Board succession planning.

The Board is already working on the Athlete Development Committee and information in relation to that will start to come through in about September 2020.  This will build on the work already done in development of a State Pathways Program.

We now wish to stand up the Competition and Calendar Committee with a view to working on this quickly to provide recommendations for the 2021 State Calendar of Events.   The following is a broad outline of the proposed committee.   One of the first tasks of the Committee will be to flesh out these guidelines and establish Terms of Reference for sign off by the Board.

Competition and Calendar Committee


Chair State Team Selection committee (tbc)


Should include a Technical delegate, Judges Co-ordinator, State Recorder, one or two club representatives – max of 6

Reports to

Board on a monthly basis

Meeting Frequency

Monthly or bimonthly as needed (e.g. might be necessary to meet more frequently when developing the State Calendar)

Purpose and Functions

Establish terms of reference for the committee for approval by the AV Board.

Plan an annual calendar of events that meets the preparation needs of elite archers, emerging athletes, grassroots athletes and novice archers and is equitable in allowing clubs the benefits of hosting events and is seasonally appropriate.

Review all policies and procedures associated with tournaments including the State Tournament Policy.

Oversight the Championship and Grand Prix events and results and determine the future of these events.

Assist, facilitate and provide liaison with clubs that host State Championships and Grand Prix events to ensure they provide a high standard of competition and are safe and enjoyable for participants

Monitor the registration and running of QREs to ensure they meet the requirements of Victorian athletes and Archery Australia and Archery Victoria Rules.

Liaise with the State Team Selection Committee to ensure that the needs of that Committee are included in Calendar planning.

Submit an annual budget to CFO.


Archery Victoria is calling for Expressions of Interest for appointments to this committee.  Nominations can be from clubs or individuals.   Those nominating should be aware that there will be a need for some quick action on this and should consider whether they have the time to be actively involved.   It is envisaged that meetings will be held primarily via ZOOM or other online technology.

It is also envisaged that the committee will call for written submissions to enable others to have input to their work.   So, even if you aren’t able to put up your hand for the committee you may be able to have input via a written submission.

In order to get this up and running as soon as practicable you are requested to submit your expression of interest by 20 Jul 2020 – for review by the AV Board on 23 Jul 2020.   EOIs can be submitted by email and provide:

  • Your name
  • Your club
  • Your involvement in archery
  • What you believe your contribution to this committee could be

Membership of this committee will be voluntary however all expenses will be reimbursed upon application to AV.

Applications should be sent to by cob 20 Jul 20.

Many thanks

Irene Norman

Secretary Archery Victoria


T: 0417 538 672

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