Archery Victoria

Volunteer guidelines and resources announced

Archery Victoria and our Member Clubs know that volunteers are the life blood of our sport.

Early indications from the impact of COVID19 on sporting activities indicates that sport volunteering will suffer in 2021 and that we are likely to lose (or have lost) some of our volunteers.

Archery Victoria has been working on putting together resources to assist clubs to attract and retain volunteers and to keep them safe, well and productive. It is also necessary to ensure
that we have the governance of our volunteers in hand and that we are aware of and comply with the legislative, insurance, and other requirements.

Standards for Volunteer Management are available and we have worked through those and gathered together links to various resources that you may find helpful. Our Volunteer
Management Guide is attached here and will be available on the Archery Victoria website (under Guidance Notes) shortly.

Your club may have a Volunteer Manager – someone who ensures that the needs and requirements of our volunteers are taken care of. This work may also be done by your committee or
someone else with a different title. Whoever that is, please ensure that you make them aware of this guide. It is also recommended that club committees work through the process of
having a Volunteer Management Plan for your club if you have not already done so – resources are provided in the guidelines. We welcome any feedback you may have.

Remember that without our volunteers our clubs don’t operate and our athletes don’t participate. Supporting and taking care of our volunteers is critical.

We are grateful to the Organisations below for their ongoing support of Archery in Victoria.

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