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2019 National Indoor Championships – State Team Selection Process

Hi all,

Here is the 2019 Archery Victoria National Indoor Championships (NIC) State Team Selection process summary. (The final policy document is still being drafted)

As part of the ongoing review of the policies and processes of Archery Victoria, changes have been made to the 2019 NIC Archery Victoria teams selection process.

These changes are being made to put forward our best possible teams, and also to accommodate the possibility that some additional RGB team competitions may be implemented for the 2019 (or later) Archery Australia National Indoor Championships.

Qualification scores are exclusively from WA Indoor 18m Rounds shot at QREs or Tournaments during and including the period 1 March 2019 to 15 June 2019, and they do not degrade.

Each archer will have their top 3 qualification scores from Archer’s Diary totalled to rank them, and then team positions will be offered from the highest rank downwards until all team positions are filled.

Any archer can only be in one AV NIC team.

Countback on scores (if necessary) will use the method as stated in the AA National Indoor Championship policy.

Eligible QRE and tournament rounds which can only be counted if the archer is a current member at the time of the event are:

Compound round is WA18m inner ten.

All other bow types WA18m X and 10 round (this includes Barebow Compound)

Classified Visually Impaired Archers the WA VI 18m round

Volunteers are preparing a candidate nomination and score submission process, this will be announced and opened when available and if/when the full extent of the NIC RGB teams competitions are known such team details will also be published.

Best regards,
Brendan Jones
Chair – Archery Victoria State Team Committee 
M: 0417 386 100

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